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Sibling Rivalry by Pentamerone
Sibling Rivalry
Anybody who has spent longer than 24 hours around me knows that Digimon 01 is my absolute favourite cartoon of all time, and that as a kid I just adored Tai. Elementary school for me was just a haze of digital monsters and goggles. Watching it as an adult nowadays I pick up on a severe favoritism vibe coming from the Kamiya household, and it sure as hell wasn't Kari getting slapped, so I figure that with some clever writing you could bring out some similarities in psyche between Demidevimon and Tai. DD was always trying to one-up Gatomon and win Myotismon's favor, and had to do so despite him being there first. Tai is in pretty much the same position except instead of getting competitive or mean he just fully accepts the role of Kari's caregiver and that's really fucking precious of him.

Like I said, I love Digimon. I think about it too much, it's very embarrassing, and anyway I'm on holiday right now with nothing but my brain to keep me company.
PnF - AU Punk Phineas by Pentamerone
PnF - AU Punk Phineas
IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I DREW PHINEAS AND FERB and I coloured this from my sketchbook. Sometimes you listen to nightcore music and get inspired to draw squeaky-voiced triangle people, but then get sidetracked by angsty roleplay and separation AUs.

So, um, sorry about that.
Dog Child by Pentamerone
Dog Child
My tablet broke two weeks ago and I finally got my replacement- CAN YOU SAY INTERACTIVE MONITOR TABLET. Now I draw on a screen! In celebration I painted a sketch done in a real-life sketchbook, so this here is my PC in a Dresden Files Tabletop RP my friend started running.

I've never gamed before, so it was hugely interesting and my new favourite thing in the world. And due to about three lucky rolls, THIS girl is an incredible badass. I was thinking she'd just be awkward and butch, but it turns out she's a fearless motherfucker who faces down demon bears at Level 1. So proud of my new baby~
TS - No Money by Pentamerone
TS - No Money
I'm planning an rp with :iconranome: right now that involves Clover losing all her money and having to buckle under a number of part-time jobs and other such things to survive. It turns her into a practical tomboy and generally is a lot of fun to sort out, because she's going to end up irritable and grumpy and Mandy-bait until I get the yuri I so crave.

Also! My usual style is apparently very similar to Totally Spies anyway so it's not too hard to get Clover on-model when I doodle her, so yay! Soon I'm sure I'll cave and draw her wearing a suit like Jerry instead of the catsuit Sam and Alex wear. So awesome.
I See Fire by Pentamerone
I See Fire
I really like Storm Hawks, and I really love Aerrow, you guys. I also enjoy Dramatical Murder and wanted to redraw my favourite scene from it- where the hero wards off a headache with music because when I love a character I only ever seem to draw them unhappy.

But that's not what's necessarily going on here. I think that a 14-year-old with no adult support network, who stands between the world and total dictatorial rule, would need a little downtime to feel vulnerable and scared. Especially when you're the team barometer and can't look too upset without all your best friends wigging out. Guess what song I was listening to on a loop while doing this!

Anyway yeah. This took way longer than I'm comfortable admitting since I should probably be doing portfolio stuff instead.
Wow, it's been like two years since my last journal update- that's so weird because I still update my gallery semi-regularly so the old journal entry has just been sat there rotting on my page for aaaages. I think that means it's about time to update the prices on my commissions!

I have yet to complete an infographic on the new prices, but the new way I'll be doing things is as follows. All the prices below are for a single character with a simple background. Anything more complicated than that I'm completely happy to do, but we'll need to negotiate a slightly bigger price over notes.

  • Sketches remain $5
  • Lineart with flat colour will be $20
  • Full paintings will be $50

As for content, I'm happy to draw pretty much anything in the case of original characters. However, I do get commissioned for fanart too and in those cases I'm slightly more strict on what I will and will not draw (mainly that I'm not big on drawing Rule 34 stuff in these cases).

Hope that's all clear and that you guys have had a great couple of years ;).

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  • Watching: Codename: Kids Next Door for some reason
  • Playing: Minecraft
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  • Drinking: Twice coffee. All of it. (still still)


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
I have a tumblr! It has a lot of stuff I don't post up here because it's too small and scrappy, but it's worth a look at if you like my gallery :) (

I also take commissions! My info is up top and I am always happy to work. See that I am wearing a suit and am therefore very reliable.

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Pentamerone Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Filmographer
somedreamingstatE Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist
somedreamingstatE Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist
I miss you!! D'8

You better not be ill! or dying! D8< Not my sensei!
Pentamerone Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
I'm sorry! I miss you too x'D I was ill for a couple of days, but the rest has been a mad work dash. Basically if I have been awake I've been working ;-; and it's still not over.

I should be around soon though :) I hope everything's going well your end!
somedreamingstatE Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Aaargh Dx I was ill too for a little while, threw up one night for NO reason!! D8<
But yeah, turns out there was a lot of work that I should have done over the holidays. FWAHAHAHAHAHA! oops. So I've been sorting all of that out. I have a major talent for catching up on work >83 what are you working now then?
And also I have some cool news for the tournament RP aaaaand there's a little bit of wardler in my gallery if you're wanting some :3
Pentamerone Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
Oh no!! I hope you're feeling better now and that all your work hasn't been too awful D: Good luck with your talent xDD. I'm currently working on a storyboard for class 8I but I also have an essay to do and countless other chores to get out the way. This term I may be offline more than on.

Oh man I want to know the cool news! Excited! And I saw the wardler on tumblr :3 it was very cute~
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PawzDandy Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012

Saw you were on and just had to come bug ya to say hi.

its been forever! Totally my fault though as I regularly face off the face of the internet due to real life stress.

But anyhoos how have you been?
Pentamerone Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Filmographer
It's nice to see you again! Hi! I've been good :D doing a hell of a lot of university work, but other than that it's mostly been art and a vague, noodling sort of social life. How about you? :D
PawzDandy Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Drama, drama, the usual. :p

Close to defaulting on a loan and being kicked out, but it could be worse. (lol, objectively I must sound like the most drepressing person. XD)

But I've been looking for a job and getting back into art and writing, so not too bad over all. XD
Pentamerone Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
Aaaaagh DX well good luck!! Hope you can sort all that out D:

But that's cool :D do you have any particular muse at the moment?
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